Need Content? Ask Your Customers These 6 Great Questions

Need Content? Ask Your Customers These 6 Great Questions

Need Content? Ask Your Customers These 6 Great Questions

Here's a list of questions you should ask your customers and potential customers in order to uncover great new content ideas that will inform and entertain your audience.

Ask Women These 6 Questions (She’ll Be Impressed)

These 6 questions will help you connect with her and see if there is compatibility for a second date while simultaneously learning more about her (without the interaction feeling like a boring interview). Take what you need and leave what you don’t but I hope this video helps or gives you a little confidence boost for your next conversation or date!

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COSTCO Interview Questions And Answers! (COSTCO Job Interview Tips!)

COSTCO Interview Questions And Answers by Richard McMunn of:
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If you are applying for a job with Costco, and you are required to attend either a face-to-face interview or a video interview, make sure you watch this interview training presentation by Richard McMunn

COSTCO INTERVIEW TIPS PRESENTATION – Here’s what’s covered in the video:
1. A list of Costco interview questions I strongly advise you prepare for.
2. Strong, unique ANSWERS to tough Costco interview questions.
3. TIPS on how to STANDOUT during your interview.
4. Further resources (including these slides) to help you SUCCEED at your Costco interview!

21 Job Interview Questions and Answers:
How to ANSWER interview questions with NO EXPERIENCE|:

Q1. Tell me about yourself?
Q2. Why do you want to work for Costco?
Q3. How would you deal with a difficult customer?
Q4. What is good customer service?
Q5. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Q6. Tell me a time when you had to ask someone at work for help or advice?
Q7. What is the Costco Mission Statement?
Q8. What would you do if you had conflict with a co-worker?
Q9. What experience do you have relevant to this position with Costco?
Q10. Why do you want to leave you current employment to come and work for Costco?
Q11. When have you provided outstanding customer service?
Q12. Tell me a time when you had to complete a task under pressure?
Q13. Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
Q14. Why should we hire you?
Q15. If you had the choice between working alone or as part of a team, which would you
Q16. Tell me a time when you made a mistake at work?
Q17. What’s your biggest achievement in life so far?
Q18. Describe a time when you showed flexibility and adaptability at work?
Q19. What would you do if you realized a week after starting work here at Costa, it wasn’t for you?
Q20. What hours can you work?
Q21. That’s the end of your Costco job interview. Do you have questions for the panel?

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How To Identify Customer Needs And Wants

It’s easy to determine the needs and wants of your clients if you know specifically who your ideal clients are. So finding that out is the first step. Today I share very specific techniques to find what your customers’ needs and wants are. We’ll discuss…

1. Go and ask
2. Social proof

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Video by Nate Woodbury

Do you have any questions for us? || Questions to ask the interviewer at the end of an interview

Generally, the interviewer, at the end of an interview asks the interviewee, “Do you have any question?”

Your mind races, but all that you put forth is a blank look, followed by “no.”

So, I have some great follow-up questions to ask an interviewer at the end of an interview

Use this opportunity to clarify all your doubts and ask these questions ������

1️⃣ Is there anything at all that you would like me to clarify?

2️⃣ How would my performance be measured?

3️⃣ How do you see my skills and experience fit for the applied position in your company?

4️⃣ What are the prospects for growth in this job?

5️⃣ May I follow up with you to know your decision?